Thursday, 21 March 2019


On Sunday Edna and I will be travelling to London in order to participate in a short production, alongside 4 other dogs. The production will tell us all about holidaying with our pets post Brexit. 

I am unbelievably excited to have been offered such a wonderful opportunity and to be flying the flag for silver poodles.

Although I am not able to give full details for another two weeks or so, I am able to share pictures of our time on set, so keep your eyes on the page over the coming days for teasers!

Monday, 11 March 2019

Crufts 2019

Where do I start?!

We went to Crufts this weekend and somehow Peggy placed as Reserve Puppy Bitch in her class.
To say I am delighted is an understatement. I never believed that we would even get to Crufts; the biggest dog show in the world, let alone place!

Peggy was an absolute darling all day and whilst I was concerned that she would be worried by the crowds she took it all in her stride and was incredibly calm and well behaved. Peggy was not the 10 month old wild puppy that I know and love; she seemed to know that she needed to work hard and that is precisely what she did.

Chris and Mark from Briggsys Dog Grooming salon in Barnstaple prepped her for me and even did my own hair which was quite funny and drew several comments from spectators 😂

Within the ring she moved like a dream and the judge commented that he loved her head and expression, which filled me with pride.
Stacking her was quite funny because my hands were shaking so much I couldn't hold her tail properly!

I couldn't believe it when we placed. I wanted to cry but there were so many people watching I held myself together and waited until this morning when I was home.

I still feel completely overwhelmed and bursting with pride. I am one lucky poodle mama!

Below are a few pictures and videos from the day - thank you to those who took them. I really appreciate it.

There is also a video of Peggy and I in the ring:

I also want to add some pictures of Peggy less than 12 hours before the show - enjoying a muddy run at Edgbaston Resevoir and having cuddles with my niece on the sofa. My dogs all live very real lives and show dog or not, it is still important that they are mentally and physically stimulated. Peggy was absolutely caked in mud and dog slobber from an enthusiastic mastiff just a few hours before appearing at Crufts - which in my opinion is exactly the way it should be!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came and spoke to us and supported us yesterday. To those who took photographs and videos and obviously to my super talented groomers.
I'm sorry to those I didn't get chance to chat with - as I'm sure you are aware it was manic.

I think it's also important to say my piece about the negatives of Crufts; well moreso some of the attendees.
I had several people walk up and either grab at Peggy, or get in her face or try to stroke her and flatten her coat down as she was being groomed. This is NOT ok and made me quite angry.
Please can I ask that anyone attending Crufts or any other dog show simply asks before interacting with other people's dogs. Remember that they are someone else's pets and their pride and joy and respect that. It is a long day for any dog, but especially for a puppy. Getting in their faces and grabbing at them as they walk past may not only scare them and impact on their performance in the ring (and beyond) but may also earn you an injury.
I saw several interactions with other dogs yesterday where people were almost asking to be bitten.
Not all dogs at dog shows are relaxed and calm nor are their owners. I had to tell several people off yesterday unfortunately. This is not in my nature but my dogs safety and comfort will always be my top priority.
I hate to end on a negative note - my post is by no means intended to be negative. More of a plea.

I'm sure that there are going to be lots more photos and videos to follow but after a full on weekend and driving 600 miles, I'm shattered and just need a pyjama day with the poodles.

And honestly I still cant believe it!

Friday, 8 February 2019

Marcasite Poodles Annual Meet up

On 11th April, last years puppies will be turning 1.
To mark the occasion we are having a get together at Saunton Sands in North Devon.

This will take place on Saturday 13th April.
We will meet on the beach at 10.30 am and then stop for a bite to eat at the cafe at lunchtime.
Then at 2.00 pm I am extending the invite to anyone else with a poodle who wants to join us for a walk. Non poodles and dog free families are welcome to join us too.
The only thing I ask is that no bitches who are in season attend.

Saunton Sands is by far my favourite beach in Devon. It has parking facilities, toilets, a cafe and the nicest stretch of coast I have ever seen.

Here are a few pictures from the last time we were there:

Monday, 4 February 2019

Crufts Entries

Just a quick note to say that the final entry numbers for Crufts have been released today.

For Standard Poodles there are 95 bitches entered in total.

Considering that this is arguably the world's biggest dog show, I am thrilled.
Whilst it is unlikely that we will place, I feel that to even be acknowledged as owning and having bred a dog within the top 95 of its breed is a real honour!

I am counting down the days until Crufts! I am so excited!

Sunday, 3 February 2019

A walk with Archie

We try to go for a walk with Archie at least once a month, but unfortunately due to my having moved house, then the girls being in season and taking Peggy to shows etc we haven't been able to get out for a walk  with him and so I have only seen him in order to groom him.

Today however, we finally managed to catch up and so we went to Dartmoor for a wander.

Archie is now at a defiant teenage stage; with his testosterone firmly kicking in, so we did a small amount of training during the walk.
It is not unusual for dogs to revert to puppy-like behaviours briefly when they are experiencing hormonal changes. This does not last forever and is easily adapted to by returning to basics and using positive reinforcement techniques (which I will write a piece about at a later date

Overall the dogs had a great walk and it was lovely to see them all having so much fun.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

I finally found my camera

Having recently moved house, I hadn't had sight of my camera in a few weeks so I was delighted when I found it whilst unpacking boxes today.

Here are a few photographs from our drizzly and misty walk on Dartmoor this afternoon. As you can see the dogs didn't mind one bit.

N.B You will notice that all of my photographs are now watermarked. This is because I had a number of them stolen by Kiki Kane of and used in a magazine article without my permission last year. To say I am annoyed with them is an understatement. Suffice to say I have made several complaints to them about this, none of which I have received a response to.

Monday, 21 January 2019

We're going to Crufts!

Yesterday Peggy and I attended Manchester Championship Dog show and we placed 2nd in the Puppy Bitch Class, meaning that we also qualified for Crufts 2019.

I am absolutely delighted and I still can't quite believe it!

It has always been a dream of mine to attend Crufts with a dog that I have bred myself and I can't believe that after having only attended one Championship show before this, we qualified! And with less than 24 hours left before the Crufts entries close for the year we were incredibly lucky indeed.

Peggy was actually a little perturbed at this show. We were benched by a ring where the Dobermans were being shown and as a guarding breed they were incredibly loud and bouncy which Peggy appeared a little confused by.
All in all though she did brilliantly, she just needed marginally more reassurance than usual, and at just 9 months I can't say I can blame her. And of course I was very happy to dish out extra cuddles!

Unfortunately, as usual with a show there are very few photographs of Peggy. Only those I managed to capture on my mobile phone. But here they are anyway:

Peggy in the car on the way to get groomed at Briggsys Dog Groomers in Barnstaple. She likes to hold my hand in the car.

Peggy being groomed the day before the show, by Chris Briggs and Mark Elliott

Show over - she flopped on the cool concrete floor and had a little snooze. I think she was hot. She had bedding available and didn't want to sit on it.
Peggy - looking somewhat surprised by her winnings!

We really did have a wonderful day. Aside from the showing we spent lots of time with our friends and chatted with lots of new people too.
Peggy chose herself some dehydrated rabbit ears as her after show treat and I let her have a little off lead run once we were finished.

We also had some hopeful future puppy owers come all the way from Derbyshire to meet us. Peggy certainly enjoyed cuddling and spending time with them. I look forward to the future home that this family can offer to one of my babies.

Thursday, 13 December 2018


Just a quick note to say apologies for the lack of updates recently.
Marcasite Poodles HQ is relocating.
I have bought myself a lovely 3 bedroom semi-detached house and am currently in the process of moving in.
The best news, aside from the idyllic sea views that I don't think I'll ever tire of seeing; is that there will be a lot more space for the dogs. I have a fantastic garden for them to play in and there is a nature reserve opposite!

Huge thanks to all of those who have wished us well and sent cards etc. I really do appreciate it.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

British Utility Breeds Championship Show

Photograph kindly taken by Chris Briggs.

Well, I braved it and did another show!

At 4 am yesterday we set out to Stafford with our friend Marlene Carter of Somanic Poodles and together we all had a fantastic day.

Peggy was entered into minor puppy bitch - a class for female puppies aged 6 - 9 months. I am delighted to report that Peggy won a Very Highly Commended (VHC) certificate; meaning that we came 5th in our class, beating 3 other dogs.
Peggy moved like a dream and stood very nicely for the judge (although she did give her a gentle kiss on the cheek as the judge went over her LOL)
I honestly could not have asked more from my Peggy pup and am so very proud of her.

Of course I was a nervous wreck with a dry mouth and was shaking all over as soon as I entered the ring with Peggy, but perhaps I was slightly less nervous compared to the last time. I'm really hoping that my confidence will improve if I choose to continue showing.

I also had the chance to catch up briefly with Naomi, who owns Edna's half brother Wallace and a stunning white girl called Vivienne, as well as meeting lots of lovely new people too.

Unfortunately there are not many photographs from the day, as I only had my camera phone with me, but below are some of the ones I managed to take.


Naomi and Vivienne

Peggy relaxing before being groomed

Mike Todd and Lena

Peggy waiting to enter the show ring

Peggy - the morning after, posing with her certificate